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So'No-Mo' Wellness

Formulated by musicians, FOR musicians
So'No-Mo' Wellness was formed specifically to address the health and wellness needs of musicians with a wide range of helpful supplements. We understand how tough it is to lug your gear, work late nights, and ensure health and wellness is prioritized so that you can be creative, inspired, and get out there and make a difference on stage!

Our product range includes a line of top quality natural supplements to help support energy & focus, help manage stress and anxiety, assist with sleep, and skin products to keep you looking as young as you'll feel!

Our product labels have received final approval by the Food and Drug Administration, and we are ready to rock 'n' roll at www.sonomowellness.com

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Our Featured Products:
Herbal Courage
All-natural anti-anxiety formula calms, improves concentration and supports mood.
Double Shift
 Joint pain after a gig? Turmeric, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Frankincense, BioPerine, and more!
Green & Clean
green stuff. chlorella. keeps you healthy and green. like kermit. helps boost energy!

It's known as the King of Herbs for a reason! Adaptogenic herb supports a healthy nervous system.
PERFORMANCE... AT PEAK! Specialty formulated focus formula!
Increase skin hydration and minimize fine lines with these natural plant-derived ceramides from rice.
5-HTP Happiness
Joy and relaxation in capsule form, 5HTP helps boost serotonin & helps enhance mood and sleep.
Comfy Pants
All-natural sleep aid. Slide into those comfy pants and drool on your pillow all night long!
Tiny Drops of Zing
Vitamin B12.  Helps boost energy, and supports a healthy metabolism. 

faCe Vitamin C
Why mess around with expensive creams? faCe Vitamin C serum is crazy good for your skin!
Superherb Saffron
Saffron - the happy herb with superpowers from Persia. Top-quality and all-natural supplement.
The King of Herbs!
The happy herb!
Vitamin C
Skincare essentials!

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